JAXA (Japan Aerospace eXploration Ageny) has developed very unique insulation technology to protect nose of rocket from friction heat when launching.

Through the JAXA space program for civil use,GAINA has been developed based on this Japanese rocket technology for the application of residence,warehouse,vessel,industrial etc.

Unlike normal insulation paint product,GAINA isn’t just based on technology of solar reflectance but based on several thermal properties in terms of insulation performance.

Japanese coating insulation “GAINA”

GAINA is a top-class energy saving ceramic coating material developed by NISSIN SANGYO based on the Japanese rocket insulation technology from JAXA (The Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency) for protecting both rockets and satellites from the heat of the atmosphere. GAINA is a water-based coating composed of unique ceramic beads blended with Acrylic resin.

After drying process, more than 75% of membrane consists of ceramic itself which has unique thermal characteristics can convert thermal energy to far infrared. Unlike normal insulation paint based only on reflectivity technology, GAINA works regardless of sunlight exposure by dissipating heat as far infrared radiation.

GAINA is Multi-ceramic cluster layer formed by coating More than 75% of membrane is composed of Ceramic itself.

Multi ceramic layer formed through drying process
Several kinds of special ceramic beads are compounded.

“JAXA COSMODE” is the Logo designed to promote JAXA R&D output. It could be applied to product / service that uses JAXA technology. GAINA is the 1st authorized product of the “JAXA COSMODE PROJECT”

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GAINA Features

Cold Protection

Heat escapes from low-temperature walls and ceilings even as room temperature increases.Use of GAINA minimizes heat movement,unifying the temperature throughout the house.

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Heat Protection

GAINA’s ceramic beads reflect the sun’s infrared rays,allowing the GAINA-coated surface to adapt to the surrounding temperature and minimize heat transfer.

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Noise Prevention

The GAINA-treated surface features a dense coat of ceramic beads which create a dampening effect to significantly reflect and reduce sound.

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Odor reduction

GAINA’s electrostatic propensity of 0.0 prevents dirt from adhering to surfaces, while its ionized moisture fuses with airborne dirt and particles, reducing the amount of impurities floating in the room environment.

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Other Key Benefits

GAINA offers a multitude of features and advantages for any structure. Find out how GAINA can prevent condensation, enhance structural durability, fireproof and increase the overall safety of your home.

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