The GAINA-treated surface features a dense coat of ceramic beads which create a dampening effect to significantly reflect and reduce sound.

Less noise from cars has made family conversation more fun!

Painted area: roof – about 40m2 (430 sq. ft.), exterior – about 260m2 (2,800 sq. ft.)

“We used to turn the volume on the TV way up so we could hear it”

says a family living in the suburbs of Hamamatsu City in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The street in front of the house deals with heavy traffic and cars fly by at high speeds. Making matters worse is a truck and heavy machinery rental company across the street, producing loud engine noises.

GAINA was the resolution to these problems. An external coating was all it took to reduce the noise. The family no longer has to turn up the TV volume to enjoy their favorite shows, even when sitting in the living room that faces the busy street.

“Our conversations disappeared in the noise before, but now we chat more because we can hear each other very well!”

The room is so quiet, even the sound of rain goes unnoticed!

Kanagawa Painted area: roof – about 90m2 (970 sq. ft.), exterior: about 156.95m2 (1,690 sq. ft.)

This Kanagawa Prefecture family chose GAINA because their children complained about the heat on the second floor every year as summer approached.

“After applying GAINA, not only did the temperature drop but the noise level went down as well. It’s quiet inside even when it is raining. Sometimes we have to hurry to bring in the laundry from outside because we didn’t notice the sudden rain”

says the home owner.

Saitama Painted area: interior – about 39.6m2 (426 sq. ft.),
ceiling – about 19.8 m2 (213 sq. ft.), exterior – about 82.5m2 (888 sq. ft.)

Another family in Souka City, Saitama Prefecture, had trouble with noise as they are living near by a busy shopping district with lots of traffic.

“After we added a GAINA coating, we realized how quiet it is at home. We don’t even notice the noisy cars, which we suffer the most in the past.”

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GAINA’s special ceramic reflects sound and controls vibration

The GAINA membrane consists of many layers of hard ceramic beads filled with air. Sound is repeatedly reflected by the ceramic while being absorbed by the air. Sound that permeates the membrane is also reduced by the dampening effect of the ceramic layers.

Dampening Test: GAINA absorbs vibration quickly

Sound is generated through vibration and transmitted as vibration. GAINA dampens vibration, achieving effective soundproofing. The three waveforms shown above express data gathered from the GAINA dampening tests carried out at the Hamamatsu Industry Experiment Station. The results show GAINA’s superior capabilities of controlling vibration.

Impact Sound Test: GAINA prevents sound generation