The GAINA Evolution

Integrating aerospace technology, GAINA brings comfort and safety to not only residential homes and apartments, but also large-scale factories and other structures, as well as camping cars, portable toilets, and other applications. We continue to develop GAINA, expanding its range of utility.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)developed insulation paint to coat the tips of rockets, protecting both rockets and satellites from atmospheric heat.

GAINA is a product developed and manufactured for consumer use by Nissin Sangyo, Inc., integrating aerospace technology.

Heat moves from high to low temperature areas.

  1. A glass of hot water is immersed in a pot of cold water.
  2. Heat moves from the higher to the lower temperature.
  3. As the heat escapes from the hotter environment in the glass, the temperature of the surrounding water increases. When the water temperature of both containers is equal, heat movement stops.

Heat Equilibrium – ceramic bead layering technique

GAINA comprises layers of special ceramic beads. This special ceramic material is designed to adapt to the surround temperature, resulting in heat equilibrium and minimum heat transfer.

GAINA Features


Heat escapes from low-temperature walls and ceilings even as room temperature increases.Use of GAINA minimizes heat movement,unifying the temperature throughout the house.

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The GAINA-treated surface features a dense coat of ceramic beads which create a dampening effect to significantly reflect and reduce sound.

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GAINA offers a multitude of features and advantages for any structure. Find out how GAINA can prevent condensation, enhance structural durability, fireproof and increase the overall safety of your home.

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GAINA’s ceramic beads reflect the sun’s infrared rays,allowing the GAINA-coated surface to adapt to the surrounding temperature and minimize heat transfer.

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GAINA’s electrostatic propensity of 0.0 prevents dirt from adhering to surfaces, while its ionized moisture fuses with airborne dirt and particles, reducing the amount of impurities floating in the room environment.

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