GAINA prevents condensation by restraining heat movement, creating a more comfortable lifestyle.

(Same mechanism as Interior coating improves insulation)

There are many places inside a house — ceilings, walls, windows, closets — that are prone to condensation. This phenomenon is usually generated when atmospheric heat permeates windows and walls. Heat moves from higher to lower places when there is a difference in temperatures. Thus, condensation occurs in colder areas such as windows and walls. GAINA creates a film that adjusts to surrounding temperatures. GAINA-coated surfaces quickly take on a temperature similar to that of the room air. With a smaller difference in temperature, there is less heat movement, and less condensation will be occurred.

GAINA helps buildings last longer.

GAINA boasts many ceramic layers that provide the strongest resistance to ultraviolet rays, creating a coating that is lasts 2 to 3 times longer than regular paint. GAINA’s insulation and thermal barrier capabilities also suppress the expansion and constriction of structural materials. Anti-ultraviolet durability, as enabled by GAINA, is evaluated based on infrared ray absorption rates.

▼Anti-ultraviolet ray durability based on ultraviolet ray absorption rate

▼Xenon 2000-hour compound cycle test (color: light gray)

Water-based GAINA is reassuringly safe
GAINA Interior received grade F☆☆☆☆.

Registration Number: N13004 (Interior GAINA)

GAINA is water-based and contains no organic solvents or any other hazardous materials. In fact, GAINA Interior (specially developed for interior use) received grade F☆☆☆☆ (four stars) for room air quality safety measurements (see table below).

Emission rate analysis result of Aldehyde and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) from sample

(Sample name: Interior GAINA)


(Sample name: Interior GAINA)

As the original GAINA can also be used as an exterior paint, it does not qualify for grade F☆☆☆☆, yet it holds the same level of safety evaluations for aldehydes and Volatile Organic Compounds, as seen in the table above.

GAINA is certified incombustible by “Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism”

Building materials are categorized into three qualification ranks of incombustibility set forth in a governmental ordinance:

  • incombustibles
  • quasi-incombustibles
  • fire-retardant materials.

GAINA is certified as an incombustible, the highest ranking, by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.