GAINA boasts many lifestyle-improving functions, including protection from the summer heat and winter cold.
These functions are backed by strong data, proving energy-saving and cost-reduction benefits.

Physical Data

10-year total cost difference(paint cost less energy-saving effects)

*First line, page16: figures calculated from coating on warehouse batten seam roofing in Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture; (1,300m2/14,000 sq. ft.)

Although initial costs are higher,use of GAINA reduces maintenancecosts of facilities (warehouses,buildings, etc.) over time due toits energy-saving effects. Its manyhidden economic benefits can be seen inthis warehouse, which now uses fewer air-conditioners and no longer needssprinklers on the roof in the summer,resulting in less damage to the building.Use of GAIA achieved a reduction inCO2 emissions of some 189.6 tons(424,704 lbs.), the equivalent of theamount produced by 40 families in one year. (Source: National Institute of Environmental Studies).

One coating remains effective for 10 or more years.

Date applied: May, 2000
Location: Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture Coated area: batten seam roofing
Color:Light Blue (69-70L)


  • Temperature lowered 15℃(59F) on the second floor
  • No need for sprinklers on the roof during summer
  • Need for air-conditioner is now down to 1 from 4
  • Heat efficiency is up during the winter
  • Repainting cycle is longer

→ Total cost savings is about 8.2 million yen over 10 years.

Cool rooms without air-conditioners

Date applied: August, 2010
Location: Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture Coated area: roof, exterior, interior
Color:White (N-90) Yellow-Green (32-90D)


  • Room temperature was reduced to less than outside temperature
  • Cooking odor in the kitchen is less obvious.

→ Room temperature was about 4oC (7.2oF), higher than outside; after GAINA application, temperature dropped to below outside temperature

GAINA generates benefits in winter too!

Date applied: August, 2008
Location: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Metropolitan (kWh) Coated area: 600 roof (about 193m2/2,077 sq. ft.),exterior (about 193m2/2,077 sq. ft.)
Color: White (N-95) Beige (17-60H)


  • Run-down house appearance renewed to beautiful home with white-wall effect

→ Electricity costs for heating reduced by 27.1%

More effective than insulation materials

Test Outline
Comparison of internal temperatures for 3 sheds during the summer.
Period: July 20, 2005 to Aug. 31, 2005

[Measured Term]
July 20th, 2005 to August 31st, 2005

Shed Specifications
Size: Height 1920mm (6’4”) × Width 800mm (2’8”) ×
Depth 900mm (2’11”)
1. Shed without any paint
2. Shed with styrofoam insulation (25mm / 1”) on walls and the ceiling
3. Shed with GAINA applied (exterior)

→ GAINA ensures lower temperatures during day and night

Air temperature rises when heater is in operation

Test Outline
Comparison of internal temperatures for 3 sheds with heater in operation.

Shed Specifications
Size: 400mm (1.3’) cube
1, Box without any insulations
2, Box with polystyrol insulation (20mm (3/4”)
3, Box with GAINA applied (interior)

→ With the GAINA coating, the heating effect starts immediately after the heat source is in operation, rapidly warming the room.

Maintaining heat in a hot air conveyance duct

→ GAINA achieves effective insulation by creating even layers of heat shielding, regardless of building shape.